New book release 2009

Amit Sarwal's message:

In January 2009 we have published under the Cinema, Literature and Culture Series (CLC Series) of SSS Publications two interlocking collections of well chosen, in depth, comprehensive and persuasively researched studies of key aspects of Australian literature, cinema and culture from many of the best scholars from India, Australia and around the world:
(1)  Creative Nation: Australian Cinema and Cultural Studies Reader
      Edited by Amit Sarwal and Reema Sarwal
      ISBN No. 81-902282-0-X; Pages: XLIX + 600; Dimension: 5.5" x 8.5"
      Price: AUD 55.00 (Hb) 
(2)  Reading Down Under: Australian Literary Studies Reader
      Edited by Amit Sarwal and Reema Sarwal        
      ISBN No. 81-902282-1-8; Pages: lxxvi + 634; Dimension: 7" x 9"
      Price: AUD 65.00 (Hb)
It would be great if you can recommend these books for your library or purchase for personal reference/study (Order Form enclosed).

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