ASRN Budapest, MEMO

Please open and read the attached Memo of the 3rd ASRN Meeting (Budapest, Sept 26-27 2008) as well as Dorottya Holló's letter, pasted below. - Pictures are posted as well! - Gabi.

Dear All,

First of all, let me apologize for the delay in sending you the memo of the 3rd ASRN meeting. The reason is mostly that we were all very busy with the beginning of the new academic year, and so some of the note-takers' notes have never reached me. I would like to thank the work of those of you who have sent me their notes, and Andy for proofreading the text. (Where there were no notes, I tried to fill the gaps from my own notes - I hope accurately enough.)

Attached please find the memo, preceded by the programme and the list of participants. Please note that - as you saw at the meeting already - I have changed the letterhead slightly by putting in it the names of countries rather than cities that ASRN members represent, as this way we can all fit in one line, while there are now too many cities represented to fit the space, which is very good news indeed.

I am also sending you some photos that were taken. Three pictures come with this message and the others under separate cover.

Let me also remind you of the next opportunity for us to meet, which is at the Australian Studies session(s) of HUSSE in Pecs in January.

Best regards to all.


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