Dictionary of Australian Artists Online (DAAO)


The Dictionary of Australian Artists Online (DAAO) is a new e-Research tool dedicated to the promotion of scholarship into Australian artists.  Building on forty-five years of Australian art historical scholarship, the DAAO enables historians, academics, galleries and artists to create and discover new knowledge about the lives of Australia's artists. The DAAO currently has over 7,000 artist biographies, and publishes new research every week from its author base of over 700 historians, academics, arts professionals and artists.

The aim is to, in time, hold a comprehensive demography of all Australian artists and to contribute to a truly representative map of Australia's cultural landscape.

 Publishing service: The DAAO offers an enduring and accessible home for your research.  The DAAO is capable of addition, revision and commentary, and supports rigorous double-blind peer review.

 Research: The DAAO is a highly searchable relational database. It enables users to conduct months of research in minutes. For instance, you can conduct an advanced search for Australian artists with Danish cultural heritage, artists who have resided in Belgium, or artists who were born in Germany.

 Exposure: The system is progressively being incorporated into coursework at Australia's leading universities including the University of Sydney, the University of NSW and Monash University, and is being used by researchers across the globe.

Leonie Hellmers, Project Director
Dictionary of Australian Artists Online

daao [at] unsw [dot] edu [dot] au

An initiative of the University of NSW, supported by the Australian Research Council