Memorandum by Deák Circle


The following comprises the names of some Deák Circle members who could assist with the work of the CAS by giving lectures or course modules, which could reflect Australian experience and practices in a number of areas of contemporary Australian commerce, industry and culture. Examples of such course offerings could be drawn from areas which include: Health system - delivery, access and health insurance, Developments in the sustainable management of built infrastructure, Research commercialisation and intellectual property protection, Urban redevelopment, Policy issues to facilitate public and private partnerships for national projects, Role of probity audits in the public and private sectors, Media laws in a rapidly changing environment, Developments in agricultural and food production practices.  

Dr Andrew Ábel

Senior teaching, research and consultancy positions in Australia and Internationally

Dr Stephen  Bakoss

Emeritus Professor, University of Technology, Sydney

Dr Ferenc Békés

Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO

Dr Ákos Györy

Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney

Dr Eric Hahn

Emeritus Professor, University of NSW

Dr Stephen Hunyor

Professor, University of Sydney

Thomas Jambrich

Ex- Assistant Auditor-General of NSW

Stephen Mátéffy

Founding Partner, MPN Group, Consulting Civil & Structural Engineers

Sydney - Brisbane - London